Ducati Motorcycle Keys – Is the Red Key Important?


Ducati has always been one of the top Italian motorcycle manufacturers. They got even better when they were bought by Texas Pacific Group of Fort that sought to reinvent the motorcycle. The year 1996 saw the beginning of the new Ducati as technology on these bikes were improved. The production was fine tuned and they were made more efficient. They have now had a reputation of being a very dependable, but also quality means of transportation.

The Ducati bike isn’t your everyday bike, it’s different. The bike comes with three key, two black keys and one red one. There have been a lot of rumors and myths about the red key that aren’t true, so we are here to debunk them.

The red key is only meant to help with adjustments of your bike, if any adjustments are needed then it’s the go to key. Another myth is that if you get a used bike without the red key then it must have been stolen. This is not entirely true as it’s very easy for the previous owner of the bike to lose the key. We aren’t ruling out the possibility that the bike might be stolen, but it’s highly unlikely.

If you can get the key, then try your best to make sure you have it. Whether you get the bike new or used, try to make sure that you get it the key, as the OEM Key can’t be replaced/reproduced once lost. The only option would be to change the electronic system which would cost an estimate of up to $3000.

The red key is the reprogram key, so unless any reprogramming is needed you can do without it. In case you lose it, be sure to put some money aside for a new ignition and ECU. Doing this will also provide you with a new set of keys, so take great care of the new ones, the good news is there are some city locksmiths that can help with any Ducati key related problem.

There are specialized locksmith city wide that can help with the problem. They have the special tools to help you with your problem. For instance, they have the technology that can read code on the black key and duplicate it to make a reprogrammed key. The red key is still irreplaceable as the city locksmiths can only help you clone the back key, so still it’s important to keep the red key safe.

The city locksmiths can also provide assistance for those who have broken the key while still in the ignition. They have the tools to help take the key out and have your bike up and running as soon as possible. It’s important to state that in case this happens to you take it to any experienced lock smith city wide as any delays could get you locked out of your bike.

The city locksmiths are always open to assist you with your problem. All you need to do is contact a specialized city locksmiths that can help you change the electronic system or duplicate a key depending on your needs.